NMB (New Military Base) replaces the military base from gta sa with a new one

NMB Downloads Record

NMB 3.2 has reached a record 5000 downloads after just 4 months from the launch


Launch date : 24.07.2016

Record date : 24.112016

NMB 3.2

NMB 3.2 is now avabile to download at http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps/93434-new-military-base-3-2/

News in V3.2 
-New items 
-Major bug fixes

A Boeing 747-400 FlyUS is now making publicity to NMB

NMB Plane

NMB on GTA vision

NMB 3.0 was uploaded to GTAvision.com


NMB 3.0

NMB 3.0 is now avabile to download at GTAInside.com (24.07.2016)


News in V2.5

Bug Fixes

New Items

NMB 2.5

NMB 2.5 is now avabile to download at gtainside.com (22.07.2016)


News in V2.5 :

Free enter in the base

New items

NMB 2.4 

NMB 2.4 is coming with a new feature

(it appears on radar) and some bug fixes and other